Funding education / technical training workshops for girls and women. Help TABAAN fund education for underprivileged girls and women in Pakistan. An educated woman is a powerful woman.


Providing a platform for entrepreneurship by allocation of funds or the formation of partnerships, among other ways. Help TABAAN create opportunities for underprivileged women in Pakistan. A self-sufficient woman is a strong woman.


Spreading awareness regarding gender based violence and discrimination via different platforms of communication. Help spread the word. Join the movement. Be the change.


In a system of deeply entrenched patriarchy, the female half of the population is mostly a burden on the family. In most areas, the roles are very simply divided: the men carry on the family name and heritage, and thus ensure longevity; the women are responsible for giving birth to the men.

  • Creating a platform to provide an equal opportunity to women in order for them to become independent of the male-dominated ethos. Becoming financially independent will give women the chance to decide their own future. Under the deep-set, conservative mindsets that ridicule women as “weak-minded” is also the fear that women, if given the chance, will take away control from the male elders, and so they must be kept indoors, under strict regulations to ‘protect the reputation’ of the family. By helping women to earn, TABAAN challenges this mind-set, striving to free them from the perceived shackles of their gender.
  • Having difficult conversations is very important and can also be fruitful. Broaching taboo topics such as the sexual rights of a woman (especially after marriage), rape and forced marriages, the jirga system and honor killings, can be a very daunting task. In a society where gossip can be used to influence even minor decisions about one’s future, the ‘reputation’ of a single family member can greatly affect the social status of the entire family. Such a precarious culture ensures the continuity of inhumane cultural practices such as gender based violence, without much opposition. The trivialization of gender-based discrimination leads to a culture of silence that strengthens existing discriminatory social systems. Establishing dialogue to combat these practices might result in opposition in some areas, but it can also hit home in others. Even if a single person in ten is convinced of the need to fight and eradicate these diabolical customs, the effort can be called a success.
  • Gender based discrimination is not a gender specific issue. This issue affects individuals of all genders equally and in different ways. It is important that it be faced head-on in order to bring positive change to society.


TABAAN works to create long lasting social change in order to combat social, cultural and economic discrimination on the basis of gender. We wish to create a world where women and girls have an equal opportunity to follow their dreams and ambitions, without being held back due to gender “norms”. A world where they feel safe to venture out on their own outside of their homes, without requiring a man’s presence. We are working towards ensuring the creation of such a world, where a woman is financially and socially independent and can provide for herself and her children, without the fear of backlash from her husband or family. We are working towards a future where women are not treated as third class citizens, but rather as equal partners in the social system with equal rights. We hope to instill in each and every woman we reach, the desire to live and make her life worth living.


Zohra Noushin

Founder, Editor

Mohammad Murad

Content Producer