Celebs React to M.A.H Domestic Violence Allegations

Celebs React to M.A.H Domestic Violence Allegations

On Saturday night, Fatima Sohail accused husband Mohsin Abbas Haider of domestic violence. Sharing a post on her Facebook page, she alleged that the incident(s) of violence had started last November, after she caught the NMA actor cheating with another woman. Sohail had been pregnant at the time of the first incident, and claimed that she had had to visit a doctor after the violent episode to ensure that her baby’s health.


The couple was blessed with a beautiful baby boy in May 2019, but according to Sohail, Haider only showed up two days later as a publicity stunt. He never took responsibility for the child. Sohail further claimed that Haider’s social media posts where the latter publicly talked about his struggle with depression, after the death of their first child in  , were fake. When she went to his house a last Wednesday (17-July-2019), Haider physically attacked her. She also shared a picture of the FIR she registered against her husband, ending her social media post with the words, “See you in court.”

Haider said in a statement to a celebrity website, “I’ll definitely come out with my truth. I’m happy she did this. I was waiting for this for so long. I’ll open up now with the truth in front of the public, along with proofs. I will tell the world what happened in our relationship for three years. But I’m happy this toxic relationship will leave her and me soon,” adding that he will be addressing an official press conference on the matter soon.

The news shook the glamour industry of Pakistan, and many celebrities took to social media to voice their support for Sohail.





  With even some celebrities coming out with proof in support of Sohail’s allegations.

It also started a conversation on Domestic Violence and Abuse – with many celebrities sharing toll-free numbers of organizations for their followers.


Even some politicians joined in the conversation, voicing their support for Sohail’s bravery in publicly speaking out.



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