Gender-based violence or more specifically, violence against women and children, is one of the most pervasive forms of violence in the world today. It can include, but is not limited to, physical, sexual and psychological harm to the victim. The latter can take the form of intimidation, coercion or dependence on the family or society, among others.

This particular form of violence is prevalent across many cultures and societies, with no exceptions on age, social class, race or religion. The most common cause for such atrocities against women is the unequal relationship of power between men and women in any particular society. Pakistan, being a highly patriarchal society, is no exception. Numerous cases of violence against women are reported every year throughout the country, with an even larger number of such cases going unreported due to fear of harsh repercussions at the hands of family members or the community.

The most common forms of gender-based violence in Pakistan include:

Domestic and Sexual Violence

Acid Violence

Honor Killings

While the laws in Pakistan are (mostly) gender-neutral, it is tragic that their implementation with regards to crimes against women is colored by patriarchal prejudice.

TABAAN presents: #StopGBV a campaign based on real-life stories, which aims to highlight the gender-based oppression that has become a norm in Pakistan. This is not just a media campaign – it is a movement, encouraging women (and men) to raise their voices and speak up. You are not alone. Gender-based discrimination is not okay. Join us. Be part of the change.